ENG. Waleed taking the lead as the moderator at the Decision Makers Conferences.

ENG. Waled Mukhtar, shared his thoughts on the future of the real estate sector. He emphasized that controlling the market requires solving the financing problem and restructuring real estate companies.

During his participation in the Decision Makers Conference, Mukhtar highlighted the importance of technology and its crucial role in the real estate industry. He explained that digitizing real estate and providing information related to the sector greatly helps in the growth of business for companies in the Egyptian real estate market. This, in turn, increases real estate output and supports the Egyptian economy. He also pointed out that the financing problem can be solved by activating the real estate stock exchange and real estate funds while also addressing the problem of high interest on bank loans.

Mukhtar further noted that restructuring companies involves establishing different aspects for real estate companies to manage assets and preserve their value. This will allow them to export their property abroad through international investment and expand their businesses overseas


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