IWAN Established in 2004, IWAN Developments is a leading Egyptian real estate development shareholding company, founded on the vision of developing homes in feel good neighbourhoods with a well-connected liveable communities offering unique human experiences and elevating the quality of life.


IWAN Developments first introduced our concept “Developing Feel-Good Neighborhoods” with JEERA’s inauguration. JEERA is one of the most exclusive compounds in Sheikh Zayed, maintaining its status as a symbol for the surrounding community to be proud of.


This modern apartment house complex, also located in Sheikh Zayed and built on an area of 12 acres, comprises 224 apartments with various specifications and sizes. The charming, tucked away community exudes openness and warmth with its open landscape architecture that portrays a number of water features.


Jubail has come a calling, allowing you to leave the woes of the city behind and rise to where the air is fresh and the view is delightful. An exclusive and cozy community for the like- minded, Jubail is designed to enhance your lifestyle by meeting all the needs for modern day living.


The name “JEDAR”, classical (Original) Arabic for “Wall”, reflects the simplistic concept that the compound offers; a true balanced home, after all a home is comprised of walls. A home is all about its walls, the way the walls are designed, the way the walls are utilized, and the way the walls make you feel sheltered and at home.


ATRIO is introduced to the market as IWAN’s first turn–key project. You will purchase your home and move in to a fully finished compound and units; all you need to do is pack your bags.


ALMA is in the heart of downtown, it still encompasses the serenity and peacefulness of a compound. Built over an area of 30 acres, the compound spans over 9 different models from separate villas to twin houses and duplexes.


The AXIS is one such neighborhood that residents can derive the benefits of both natural and urban dwelling. Built to balance both worlds, this project is developed to create a sustainable, nourishing estate that brings back natural wonder to a world where the only sense of wonder left is what to do next.


Inspired from the word “ًماجادا”, which means ‘gloriously’ in Arabic, the name reflects the destination’s splendor, whilst also offering a magnificent magnitude of pleasure in one’s own experience.